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Sales System Pro - a multi-user application on Android for accounting of goods in chain stores. Your stores can work in the App all day long even without Internet, off-line. Internet will only need to exchange data, for example, once a day. Even a slow internet connection is sufficient.

Installation and setup
Install Sales System Pro on the Main device (smartphone or tablet) of the owner or manager.
Install Sales System Pro at each store.

Set up the central database on the Main device

Enter the "Database" section.


Open “Stores” directory through the menu.


Open the “Main store” and enter the owner account login of the central database. Save the data (✓).


Add a new store (+) to the “Stores” directory. Enter the name of the store, the seller’s account, select user role (description of roles, see below) and save the data.


Enter this store again and tap the “Prepare Peripheral Database” button.


Add all your stores to the directory in the same way.

User Roles:

Standard. The data is available to the seller only of his store. He does not see purchase prices, cannot add and edit product cards and “Purchase” documents.

Extended. The data is available to the seller only of his store. Has all the rights within his store and on the entire products directory.

Full. This is a manager role. All data is available. All rights, except editing “Stores” directory (this directory can only be edited in the central database).

Setting up the peripheral databases in the stores

Run the application installed on the smartphone of the seller. Turn off tutorial mode.

Enter the “Database” section.

Open the “Stores” directory.

Open the “Main store”, enter the owner account of the central database (Main store) and save the data.

Mark the “Peripheral database” checkbox in the “Database” section.

Data exchange

Begin the exchange in the central database (Main store).

Enter the “Database” section.

Tap the “Data Exchange” button.

Sign in with a Google account if needed.

Tap the “Execute Exchange” button.

Do the same on the seller smartphones in each store.

Perform the exchange consistently in the central and peripheral databases as needed.

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